CThruView Transparent Image Viewer 1.0

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CThruView is a free transparent image viewer that allows mouse clicks to go through the image. This makes your image see through and click through, so use it as tracing paper, splash screen or watermark. The image can be made opaque or semi-transparent, flipped, rotated, zoomed (scaled up or down), always on top, clipped, moved, hidden and centered. You can also save your session to a text file and restore your view settings later.

Update (July 6, 2012): Please use Java 1.6 (32bit and 64bit are both fine). It has been confirmed that Java 1.7 (32bit and 64bit) causes errors, such as the click-through feature not working. I suggest downloading the latest JRE1.6 from Oracle's website; it can be safely installed alongside your other Java versions.


Source Code:

Jar: cthruview.jar

Executable Jars:

Web Launch:


  1. Download the executable jars zip file.
  2. Execute from the command-line or run/double-click cthruview.bat:
java -jar cthruview.jar


This shows the Java(TM) logo flipped, rotated, transparent and over a browser window.


  1. Osiva - A transparent image viewer that didn't have the features I needed, such as mouse click pass-through and entire image transparency.
  2. Transparent Image Viewer - A simple viewer with transparency, but also missing additional features I needed.


Version 1.0 (9/28/2010)

1. Initial release.

Copyright (C) 2010 Remik Ziemlinski